Benjamin Van der Goes

Benjamin is a registered kinesiologist with BCAK and has graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2017 with a degree in Kinesiology and exercise science. While attending school he had the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience with rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Benjamin’s love for sport and activity brought him into studying kinesiology and furthering his understanding of physical health.

The majority of Benjamin’s professional experience comes mainly through the avenue of sport. He has previously been part of the Vancouver Whitecaps and Burnaby Lake rugby club medical teams where he worked with top level athlete on a day to day basis as an athletic trainer. This experience in a professional club environment has given him the opportunity to apply and grow on the base of understanding laid out through his degree.

Having worked in a variety of different sports such as hockey, soccer, and rugby he brings a knowledge about exercise based injury recovery and prevention.