Personal Training

Kaylee Williams

Kaylee is a certified personal trainer and student at UBC. She is currently in her third year studying kinesiology and after graduation hopes to pursue further education in physiotherapy. Having participated in sports such as basketball, volleyball, and dance from a young age, she has always been enthusiastic about fitness and movement. After discovering the benefits of training in the gym in high school, she decided that she wanted to make a career out of sharing with others the joys of fitness, strength, and wellness.

Kaylee strives to help others create healthy and sustainable long-term habits that will help increase their energy and confidence, lower stress levels, prevent injuries, and manage chronic pain. She focuses on creating workout programs catered to each client’s individual needs. One of her many strengths lies in her ability to identify a client’s weak points and determine what type of program will be required to make improvements. 

By combining her years of experience as a personal trainer with her ongoing education as a Kinesiologist, Kaylee is able to provide a more in-depth and informed workout program. Her understanding of the physiological functionality of the human body ensures that all of the exercises she prescribes will be safe and effective. 

She is currently looking to take on several new clients, booking for appointments can be done through the Advance Health and Wellness website or by reaching out to her at