Advance Health and Wellness Centre is a team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals looking to empower and mentor people’s lives by helping them achieve their highest health potential. A.H.A.W is an integrated health clinic, providing patients with a holistic and functional approach to your health aspirations. By collaborating as a team, we hope to deliver what works best for you.



Integration, a new vision for clinics’ alike, combines the idea of having a skilled diverse team under one roof while still providing one on one treatments unique to each individual.


Booking has never been so easy! With 24/7 access to the Patient Portal, you can now view past or upcoming appointments, view staff schedules and fill out our Intake Form. Book an appointment.


We are keen on making our patients feel comfortable. The A.H.A.W Centre provides state of the art equipment and tools to provide the best possible health care. Entrance and parking are wheelchair accessible.



GOAL in mind


A dvance Health and Wellness Centre was founded to be a harbour for rehabilitation; an integrated unit where patients can entrust their health concerns and aspirations. After dipping my feet into the entertainment industry, teaching English in China for 1 year and extensive traveling, I realized my interests lied in helping people feel better. Not long after graduating from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, I worked towards the idea of one day bringing Integrated Health Clinics to smaller communities. And so, here we are…Welcome to “The Dream.” 

advance health and wellness centre
“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

Your health journey begins here.

Our trained therapists, practitioners and trainers are ready to help you reach your health aspirations. Learn more about what services we offer.

Our Services

Our Core Values

We Foster Education

Knowledge is the root of personal growth. A.H.A.W believes your therapists, practitioners, and coaches should exemplify sages of well-being and personal health. And so, we continue to stay up to date with continued training and courses, continuously seeking learning new ways to better serve our patients.

We Pursue Excellence

With 18 years of combined experience, our A.H.A.W Team is well equipped to deliver knowledgeable recommendations and solutions to your health aspirations. Proudly, we cultivate the idea of keeping up with new techniques, using innovative tools, state of the art equipment and effective products to better fit your needs.

We Hearten Positivity

A positive atmosphere equals a progressive outlook. We deliver encouragement and constructive guidance to all patients in the hopes of making a difference. A.H.A.W prides itself on having outstanding therapist-to-patient relationships, as we see each patient as a part of the AHAW family.

WE listen

Do you have questions or concerns? Our therapists and practitioners are prepared to help you find functional solutions and point you to the adequate therapy or practitoner. We want our patients to feel comfortable and supported throughout their health journey.

We are hiring!

Advance Health and Wellness Centre is currently looking for proactive and energetic health professionals to join the AHAW team! Are you actively looking or know someone who is? Email, fax, or drop in for a visit…we’d love to meet you!

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