Clinical Counselling

How can clinical counselling help with Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness? 

Coping with chronic pain and chronic illness can be difficult. Counselling is beneficial for coping skills and support, as well as management of symptoms and improving your well-being and quality of life. Many people with chronic pain and illness experience anxiety, sadness, grief, and anger, which we can process somatically and experientially in the counselling setting.

Perinatal Counselling

What is prepartum and postpartum (perinatal) anxiety and depression?
Perinatal anxiety and depression can occur anytime from when you first become pregnant and up to one year after the birth of your baby. Perinatal anxiety refers to feeling anxiousness, physical sensations associated with the fight-flight-freeze response, and anxious thoughts about harm coming to your baby. You may also avoid people, places, or activities because of anxiety. This affects up to 15% of postpartum women. Perinatal anxiety refers to feelings of sadness and unhappiness, feeling fatigue, trouble bonding with your baby, and having difficulty doing your daily activities. This affects between 10-20% of women. Perinatal anxiety and depression can occur in any pregnant person regardless of their gender identity, it can also occur in opposite-sex or same-sex partners, and adoptive parents.

How do I know if I have the “baby blues” or perinatal depression?
The baby blues are feelings of sadness that occur during the first week after giving birth. If the symptoms do not go away after a week or get worse; you may have postpartum depression.

Can counselling help me?
Counselling can give you support and teach you skills to deal with your thoughts and feelings. and change behaviours. I use CBT, mindfulness, and education about self-care to help clients with their perinatal mental health.

What is the main purpose for Youth (Adolescent) Therapy? 

Counselling can be beneficial for adolescents struggling with a range of issues from friend and school issues to anxiety, depression and chronic illness. Many adolescents can greatly benefit from coping skills that they can carry with them into adulthood. Adolescent counselling is offered for teens ages 15+ both in person and online.

Concussion Management
Many people with traumatic brain injuries have difficulty with cognitive functioning as well as sadness and anxiety. Mindfulness, coping skills, and somatic work can help manage symptoms and improve mood.

Other concerns that can benefit from clinical counselling:

Anxiety, depression, trauma
Counselling for anxiety, depression, and trauma includes helping you with worry and ruminative thoughts, physical sensations of anxiety and sadness, and releasing trauma somatically from the body. Coping skills and action planning can help you engage in meaningful life activities and improve your well-being.

What is Mindfulness Coaching?

Mindfulness is being purposefully engaged in the present moment, nonjudgmentally, and has shown to be helpful for stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and illness, difficulty with concentration, and much more. Mindfulness coaching offers instruction and skills in different mindfulness techniques such as meditation, grounding, mindful walking and yoga. Offered both privately and in small online groups.

How can Yoga help me?

Private yoga instruction can help you enhance your skills if you've been practicing yoga for awhile and can be beneficial for beginners who are just learning yoga. Yoga is a powerful practice for the mind and body, and can help with anxiety, depression, and improving overall physical fitness. It is a practice of mindful movement and private instruction helps to tailor your experience to what your individual needs are.

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