Professional (Practicing) Kinesiologists provide you with unique and valuable services that contribute to your health care and treatment. Our kinesiologists work closely with you and other healthcare practitioners to:

  • Help prevent and treat illness or injury;
  • Improve physical performance;
  • Manage the delivery of your individual health care plan;
  • Provide support in your rehabilitation and wellness management.

    We can act as a bridge to transition you from clinic-based treatment to your home and your activities of daily living (sports, community, and work activities). Our work is to help you improve the reintegration process following illness or injury. 

    Kinesiologists specialize in exercise therapy helping those who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries. By working one-on-one with patients, we can help our clients overcome pain and injury. Our kinesiologists use their background in science, anatomy, biomechanics, psychology and neuroscience to help clients resolve muscular imbalances to help alleviate any symptoms they are experiencing and rehabilitate post injury.  

    The primary role of a kinesiologist is to evaluate physical activity, function & movement patterns to recommend and deliver solutions for health, exercise, sport, work and social settings. 

    What to expect on your first visit

    Our Kinesiologists work one-on-one with you in our open rehab space, using a variety of exercise and health equipment to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We recommend bringing comfortable workout attire to all your kinesiology visits.

    Here are some reasons patients would visit our Kinesiologists:
    • ICBC Motor Vehicle Accident Claims  
    • Fitness Testing  
    • Exercise Therapy for Injury and Chronic Disease  
    • Disability & Case Management  
    • Job Demands Analysis  
    • Functional Capacity Evaluation  
    • Lifestyle & Physical Activity Planning  

      Did You know that Kinesiology (Active Rehab) is automatically covered by ICBC when you are in a motor vehicle accident? Give us a call before booking and provide us with your claim number and date of accident and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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      Advance Health and Wellness Centre is a proud member of the CCMI (Complete Concussion Management) Network. We are a certified CCMI clinic. What does this mean? This means our clinic has certified physiotherapists trained in concussion management and are ready to treat patients with concussions as well as do baseline testing.

      CCMI is a global concussion research and clinical management network with 300+ clinic locations that provide concussion testing, management, and treatment services across five countries. Through evidence-based training programs and integrated healthcare technologies, CCMI empowers multidisciplinary teams to provide standardized care to those impacted by concussions. CCMI serves to improve the collective understanding of the prevention, management, and prognosis of concussion, while providing accessible, patient-centric care based on the latest scientific and medical research.

      What you need to do before your first concussion treatment

      Before your first visit:

      • Go to and register for an account (you’ll have to email us the 16 digit
        account number before you come to your visit)
      • You can also download the “Complete Concussions” app on your smartphone
      • We’ll be able to communicate with you through the app, and you will use the app to input your symptoms every 2-3 days
        Your first treatment at Advance Health and Wellness Centre

        On your 1st visit we will complete a Concussion History and Neurological Exam, which includes:

        • Reviewing your medical history and injury history
        • Completing a neurological exam
        • Explanation of what happens during a concussion and post-concussion syndrome
        • Introduction to the anti-inflammatory diet via the app and how to use the CCMI app to report symptoms and track your progress
        • Creating an action plan moving forward to treat concussion symptoms
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